13.05.14: 5000 CAS 140CT Array Spectrometers in use worldwide

Munich-based company Instrument Systems GmbH continues to post strong growth and delivered a landmark 5000th Array Spectrometer in the CAS 140CT Series in November 2013. This successful system is used for applications across the world in spectral light measurement and has set standards specifically in LED test and measurement. Over the past few years, the CAS 140CT has also enjoyed a great deal of success in testing and calibration of displays.

The CAS 140CT is fitted with an optimized crossed Czerny-Turner spectrograph and has highly efficient straylight rejection and a high signal dynamic range. The model versions supplied cover a spectral range from 200 nm to 2150 nm. All critical components of the CAS 140CT, such as the diffraction grating and the actively cooled detector, are subject to rigorous quality control and are optimally matched. The Array Spectrometer from Instrument Systems therefore complies with even the most demanding measuring tasks and meets all the challenges presented in the laboratory and in production. The CAS 140CT is used by all major LED manufacturers, in the lighting industry, in the automotive sector and by manufacturers of consumer electronics.

A comprehensive package of software solutions is available for control and evaluation of the test results. Instrument Systems also supplies a wide range of accessories including a complete series of integrating spheres and goniometers, as well as various optical probes.