[Translate to Japanese:] Schnell und präzise in Produktionslinien: Die neue LumiCol 1900

16.03.16: LumiCol 1900: 2-in-1 measuring device for flat panel displays at Productronica 2015

Instrument Systems GmbH, German expert and one of the leading manufacturers of highly precise light measurement equipment, will present a brand new measuring device at the Productronica in Munich in Hall A1, Booth 144. The innovative imaging colorimeter LumiCol 1900 is optimized for fast and precise luminance and color measurement of flat panel displays in production lines.

For the analysis of various flat panel displays, the 2-in-1 measuring device combines the well-established spot colorimeter CA-310 from Konica Minolta and an RGB CMOS sensor for fast 2D image acquisition. It enables the characterization of the whole display area in one shot for calculation of homogeneity or evaluation of Mura. In addition, measurements with the new LumiCol 1900 provide all characteristic functionalities of a spot colorimeter (e.g. flicker or color gamma). The comprehensive new software LumiSuite for lab applications is available with a software development kit and ensures easy implementation into any production line.

At further test setups, Instrument Systems will show the highly precise LumiCam 1300 Advanced with innovative 6-filter-technology for 2D display measurement with a sensitivity from 0.1 mcd/m2 to 100,000 cd/m2, as well as High-Power LED-measurement systems for the research lab.